About the con.

What is Anime Kaiju?
Anime Kaiju is a three-day convention celebrating Japanese arts, music, anime, video games, and pop culture.

How do I participate?
You must register in order to attend the convention – that’s how you buy your ticket to get in. We have tried to make registration as affordable as possible to help make your attending experience easier, and we look forward to having you join us. All registrations are good for the entire convention, Anime Kaiju does not have any one-day-only tickets.

Can I ask a question?
Certainly, you can contact us anytime.

Who is this monster on your website?
That’s Kaiju. He’s a bit down on his luck right now. We’ve been told he doesn’t always look like that.

What does Kaiju mean?
Literally translated “strange beast”, but the word “monster” is a bit more accurate.

Can I be a vendor or artist?
Yes! Check out the vendors page. Vendor spaces are 10×10 up to 40×10 and artists will receive one 6’ table with two chairs. Specific placement can not be guaranteed.

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